Apa itu Recount Text? Arti, Cara, Struktur beserta Contoh dari Recount Text



Pernahkah kamu mendengar ‘recount text’ sebelumnya? 

Pada dasarnya, recount text adalah salah satu jenis teks dalam Bahasa Inggris. Tetapi, tahukah kamu apa yang membedakan teks ini dengan teks lainnya? Serta bagaimana cara menulis recount text?

Yuk, disimak dibawah!


  • Apa itu Recount Text?


Seperti yang sudah disampaikan sebelumnya, recount text merupakan salah satu jenis teks dalam Bahasa Inggris. Yang membedakan teks ini dari teks Bahasa Inggris lainnya adalah teks ini bertujuan untuk menceritakan suatu peristiwa.

Dalam penulisan recount text, peristiwa yang disampaikan berdasarkan peristiwa yang benar terjadi. Jadi, kalian bisa menceritakan kembali pengalaman kamu atau pengalaman orang lain! 

Style penulisannya dibagi menjadi dua, seperti berita atau sekadar hiburan. Karena menceritakan kembali suatu hal, jadi teks ini ditulis menggunakan past tense.


  • Struktur dari Recount Text


Jika ingin menulis recount text, kalian harus memperhatikan 3 unsur dibawah ini:


  • Orientation


Dimulai dengan orientation. Jadi, kalian harus menjelaskan hal – hal umum dari peristiwa yang ingin diceritakan. Misalnya dengan memperkenalkan tokoh – tokoh yang terlibat, latar tempat atau waktu dari peristiwa, dan sebagainya.

  • Events

Setelah menuliskan paragraf pertama, selanjutnya kalian harus menceritakan peristiwa tersebut. Saat menceritakan peristiwanya, lebih baik jika kalian menceritakannya secara kronologis agar tidak membingungkan pembaca.

Untuk bagian events, kalian boleh menuliskannya dalam beberapa paragraf..

  • Reorientation

Dalam bagian ini, kalian diminta untuk menulis penutup dari teks yang kamu tulis. Jika kamu ingin menulis reorientation, sebaiknya teman – teman membuat kesimpulan dari cerita yang kalian buat. 

Kalian juga boleh menambahkan sedikit opini mengenai peristiwa tersebut.


  • Contoh Recount Text


Dibawah merupakan contoh recount text yang ditulis seperti berita.

The World’s Fattest Child


His name is Arya Permana, he was born and raised in Karawang. He weighed a normal 3.1 kilograms when he was just a newborn but by the time he turned five, he had gained an abnormal weight for his age. At that time, Arya could consume up to four packages of instant noodles and dozens of powdered drink sachets in a day. 


Arya’s parents, Rokayah and Ade Somantri were not worried despites of the weight that their son had gained as they thought that his weight was a sign that he was healthy. Just like a normal kid at his age, little Arya loved to play around with his friends but unfortunately he could not fulfill his desire to play and socialize because it was so hard for him to walk. But even if he found some difficulties in daily activities, he never seemed to give up. So at the age of six he attended a public elementary school in Karawang, he was so happy because of it and he was labeled as the smart kid in his class. 

But Arya’s weight went out of control when he was 8 years old, his weight at that time was over 90 kilograms and a year after that his weight was 115 kilograms. Arya found it rather difficult to walk, so he stopped attending school and could only wear sarong since he could not fit in any normal clothes and because of the weight he had a serious breathing problem. By then, his parents realized that Arya needed a medical attention so they went to several hospitals but all of the doctors said that Arya was healthy despite his weight and his unhealthy eating habit that was consisting of five large meals a day, such as rice, beef, fish, vegetable soup and tempeh or a soy patty that large enough to feed two adults.

When he turned 10 years old, his weight was 192 kilograms and he was classified as being morbidly obese even though the doctors claimed that there was nothing wrong with his body. He became popular in mass media as he was named as the world fattest child in the world and the local government of Karawang decided to help him by providing free treatment for his obesity in the Hasan Sadikin Hospital Bandung so he could lose some weight and live a normal life.


In the hospital, the boy has been put on a strict diet because his weight has started to affect his health and life. By two months he had been losing two kilograms of his weight but after that Arya decided to go home to continue his school and discontinued the free treatment that the local government had provided. But even If he discontinued his treatment, he was still happy that he could attend school once more.



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