Tips Atasi Stres Ketika Membaca Berita Tentang Covid 19

Stress Akibat Berita Tentang COVID19

Hello friends, how are you all? I hope everyone is fine, of course, in the midst of the momentum of enjoying the atmosphere of Eid al-Adha,

The hope is that it will not reduce the spirit in interpreting the Eid al-Adha holiday, even though it is in a pandemic condition. The atmosphere of I du fitri always has its own characteristics, namely people who are able to set aside their sustenance to be able to sacrifice.

This is the right momentum in the midst of economic difficulties due to a pandemic that has affected almost all people in the world.

Well, friends, you must often find news stories that have negative connotations about the pandemic conditions that our country is facing.

Regardless of whether the news is true or not, but gradually the news can disrupt the mental condition of friends which will have an impact on the physical health of friends.

So, here are some tips that friends can follow to maintain the mental condition of friends, or tips to reduce stress when reading news about covid 19.

  1. Read News from Credible Sources

Well friends, in the age of information speed that can’t be dammed, we ourselves must have filters , chave de licença do bytefence gratis

and we ourselves must decide to read news that can be justified its authenticity. Well one of them friends must read from a reliable source.

  1. Alihkan Pikiran Dengan Menekuni Hobi

Daripada teman teman termakan berita yang memang dapat membuat mental teman teman semakin tidak sehat, teman teman bisa mengalihkan dengan menekuni hobi teman teman. xvideostudio video editor app io mod apk

Dengan menekuni hobi yang teman teman minati akan sedikitnya mengalihkan waktu teman teman untuk berhenti membaca berita yang kurang baik.


  1. Kurangi waktu dalam menggunakan Gadget

Salah satu cara yang paling efektif untuk menghindari stres akibat berita covid 19 di masa PPKKM adalah dengan mengurangi interaksi dengan gadget anda sendiri.

Usahakan menggunakan gadget untuk kegiatan yang perlu saja, jangan sampai waktumu di ambil habis oleh gadgetmu.

  1. Hindari Kecenderungan Over Scrolling

One of the causes of excessive stress is that friends spend too much time using social media, and can be said to be over scrolling .

Well, things like this must be avoided, of course, in order to maintain the mental health of friends during this PPKM period.

Those are some tips that friends can follow to reduce stress due to a lot of negative news about covid 19 milling about in our digital media.

But friends, of course, have to know about the pandemic conditions that are currently engulfing our country.

So friends, be smart, be smart in choosing news. And most importantly, take care of our physical and mental health. Keep following the health protocols.





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